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    1. Quality is the basis for Zeen 's survival. Zeen has always put the product quality as core, and take quality control system and quality inspection system of high standard machining process as orientation. We invest a large number of high-precision equipments: tryout presses, advanced 3D CMM, simulation analysis and SPC analysis software, which ensure that we can provide customers with high quality dies and services in the shortest leadtime. Quality assurance team is independent of machining and design dept.,which follows up the full-line tooling process from tool manufacturing to shippment confirming.
      In-process Inspection: To test part quality in the process of machining period according to detail drawing and inspection standard.
      Tryout Sample: To make the full demensional report to the GD & T part print that customer provides.
      Samples Approval: To approve the part quality to the Dimensional Report.
      Tooling Check: To ensure that each detail accords with quality and safety standard ,Quality Specialist has to do the Tear-down checklist to customer's standard.

      Tooling Approval: To assure dies are good, quality specialist will re-check the report and checklist before die delivery.

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